Guide Georgia Hasioti presents: Delphi Greece.

Are you planning to visit Delphi, learn more about the history, the ruins and the mysteries of the area? A professional licensed guide can help you!

My name is Georgia Hasioti, I’m licensed guide in Delphi and I’ll be happy to let you know about the history of my native town, Delphi or help you to organize your visit in the area. I was born in Delphi in 1981 and I graduated from the Guide’s School of Athens in 2006. Since then I work as a tour guide, mainly in Delphi, but also in the area around Delphi. Besides, I’m licensed to guide in English, French, Japanese, Italian and of course in Greek.


If you want to make the tour of Delphi more enjoyable, we have to adjust it to each case. So, I can organize special guided tours for small or big groups, private tours or school groups.

The tour can also change considering:

  • the age (students, University students, elderly)
  • the interests (historical, archaeological etc.)
  • the nationality.

We also have to take under consideration the recreational part of the visit in Delphi, because many visitors include the visit of the museum and the archeological site in their winter or summer vacation.

Moreover, we can also discuss about the time, the duration and the program of your vacation and I can propose you the tour that harmonized to you and of course, let you know about the interesting activities that you can add in your tour (gastronomic etc.).